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Outsourcing the Back Office Across the Globe

Atindra Barua, President and CEO of TrustFort, discusses how his company offers flexibility and customization capabilities to the client, a focused solution, tailored to the client's needs, rather than the standardized solutions being offered by other providers in this space.

March 21, 2012 . By- John Sullivan, AdvisorOne


How RIAs looked the winner at the Ritz Carlton in San Fran this week

Chip Roame, Managing Principal of Tiburon Strategic Advisors LLC says “ The business at IBD's is really challenged right now,” he says. “The RIA market is going to do well." " I’m not convinced the IBD market is going to do well.” says Atindra Barua, President and CEO of TrustFort LLC, a Boston, MA. based company that provides the technology behind the technology , for a number of broker-dealers and RIA's that serve 2 million end investors, he believes that IBD's are in the process of acquiring technology that could tilt things back in their favor.

October 18, 2012. By - Brooke Southall


Addepar hits $50 billion of assets and turns its eyes to Advent-Black Diamond's plump RIA market

“One thing which I find is very hard to believe is their ( Addepar ) claim that they can produce quarterly reports in five minutes, that traditionally takes thousands of people,” says Atindra Barua, President of TrustFort LLC.

November 26, 2012. By - Kelly O'Mara


Half-financed by RIA's, AssetBook rolls out 'Radar' to put big RIA's in its range

A new portfolio management platform, called Radar, has been in the works for the last year and a half, and is set to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2013. With a relatively small shop, AssetBook had to hire outside technology consultants, TrustFort LLC, to help build the system for Radar,within the time frame and the design philosophy required by Rob Major, Founder of AssetBook.

December 13, 2012. By - Kelly O'Mara