Quarterly Statements

TrustFort’s reports and statements service allows advisors to generate customized reports with their firm name and logo. Three different report formats can be generated: Excel, PDF, and Web portal reports. TrustFort personnel perform quality and accuracy checks on all reports prior to generation

Reports and statements can be delivered three different ways:

  • Web portal view: user can populate and view their corresponding reports from TrustFort's Portfolio Insight.

  • Download from web: TrustFort's service allows users to store generated reports on a web portal for download whenever required.

  • Delivery on e-mail: TrustFort's Portfolio Insight offers a custom option to push periodic e-mail to clients with reports and statements attached.

This service provides various reports to advisors and investors, including:

  • Allocation/holdings

  • Income/expense

  • Performance

  • Fixed income

  • Activity/operations